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A comprehensive system of satellite monitoring and parameters control

Geostronis a modern and powerful set of applications allowing the public and private organizations to monitor the movement of moving objects, such as car parks, railway carriages and containers, fleet and staff.

In Geostron system all objects are displayed in real time.

Representation of all monitored parameters in the form of graphs and their integration with maps allows to precisely determining locations of gas stations and fuel discharges, speeding, etc.

Supported Device

Devices supported by Geostron system are represented in the form of the list box sorted by manufacturer and model. If you are in doubt concerning the device choice or you don't know how to customize or identify a device, please turn for an advice or information to the technical support.

Tracker description

Overview Video

Presentation of features of the GEOSTRON monitoring system.
Watch the video from the play list and evaluate the benefits of the system!

Start of the monitoring process

Geostron system allows the use of several monitoring type. You just have to choose the most appropriate monitoring type for you to start working with the system.

Client module is the most complete and functional monitoring type allowing to use all of the capabilities of the system in its entirety. Client module

WEB Client you can use for quickly determination of location of the monitoring object without additional software installation. WEB monitoring.

Please read the user manual for successful monitoring.

User manual "WEB monitoring"

User manual "Geostron client"